Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One last Safeway run = .90 cost

NOTE: If you weren't able to get to Safeway by the end of the sale last night, don't worry... The brownie and cake mixes are on sale for .89 each, so still free after the coupon doubles!I found some great new coupons to match up with the .69 Betty Crocker brownie/cake mix deal & other baking essentials, so I headed out for one more run. The coupons are available to print at bakesweetmemories.com so if you're planning a last minute Safeway trip tonight, print them before you go!

.69 Betty Crocker brownie mix (2) .31 overage each
.69 Betty Crocker cake mix (2) .31 overage each
2.99 Wesson vegetable oil 1.49
1.99 Nestle chocolate chips .49
.29 Weight Watchers yogurt clearanced (4) .04 each
8.90 subtotal
-.50/1 Betty Crocker brownie mix IPQ (2)
-.75/1 Betty Crocker cake mix IPQ (2)
-.50/1 Wesson oil IPQ
-.50/1 Wesson oil Safeway eQ
-.75/1 Nestle chocolate chips IPQ
-.50/1 Nestle chips eQ
-.40/4 Weight Watchers yogurt cups MQ from my free Weight Watchers magazine
.90 paid on giftcard

I was so excited to find those Weight Watchers yogurt cups on clearance. My Safeway always has a well stocked clearance bin near the dairy case. I always find clearanced cheese and Go-Gurts, so make sure to check yours!


  1. Thanks for the tip on the clearance case... I didn't even know they had a one!

  2. I don't think the link is working for the coupons. It sends me to an error page.

  3. Crockett- Thanks for the heads up! That link was working last night, but today Blogger keeps putting weird code in front of it. I just posted the address, so hurry and print your coupons! Thanks again!


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