Monday, August 8, 2011

How many Huggies wipes did you get?

I was so excited to see this Huggies wipes deal at Walgreens this week! I have two in diapers so I like to keep a healthy stockpile of wipes at all times. I went Saturday night when my store turned the next week's sale prices on to make sure I was able to use all my coupons. The shelves were fully stocked, but I didn't want to take any chances waiting until Monday (I don't shop on Sundays).

Here's what I did...

5.99 Huggies refill pack
-2.00/1 Wags coupon from August coupon booklet - these are all over the store
-2.00/1 Wags coupon from Infant Care Booklet - I've never seen these, but I was able to use the code
-.50/1 MQ 7/17 SS
1.49 each!

I also had one coupon for .75/1 Huggies wipes from a home mailer, so one of my packs was actually 1.24! What a great deal!

The Infant Care coupon booklet was out in the spring time I guess, but I've never seen it. I had the coupon code (5519) and the cashier just manually entered the numbers. As long as you have the cashier scan the manufacturer's coupons first (which is always a good rule of thumb at Wags), you won't have any beeps. It worked perfectly! I hope you all are able to find wipes in stock - this deal is all over the internet. So, hurry, hurry if you want wipes too!


  1. I am so sad to just fin your blog and you live in CA now! :(

  2. I got.... Wait for it............. None :(
    After going to 8, yes EIGHT walgreens & trying at each one I failed 8 times!!! That's got to be a record. And not even because they were sold out, but because of that pesky infant care book coupon. I'm throwing in the towel until I find one of those books, which looks unlikely. Oh well. I'm glad u scored & still even more excited that you're back to posting :) I love to see your deals!

  3. Janae you probably wont see this but I can send you an infant care book! email me at I;m just going to get a raincheck for the wipes so i can do the deal after my walgreens has more.

  4. Amanda,
    Thanks!!!! I shot an email over to you just now :) That is so awesome of you to offer that up. Thank you!!!!


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