Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 Winners & 3 More Give Aways!

Quick update on my family... I started my new job this past Monday and I love it. I work with great people and I have a 10 minute commute, which is unheard of in Southern California. My husband starts his new job this coming Monday, so things are looking up for us! My 2 year old daughter will be trick or treating as a bumble bee this year and we are enjoying being close to family and the fall temperatures.

Okay, we have three winners! One for each of the give aways I ran last week.

Old El Paso Family Taco Night
#59 - Julie
"# 1 - love love love spicy"
Me too! You've gotta have a stockpile of taco seasoning. Who doesn't love tacos?

Pillsbury Sweet Moments Prize Pack
Amanda Hall
"I would love to enter giveaway #2! My favorite things about your blog was the my favorite deals this week' post. I would always reference this post when I started my shopping lists. Such great information!"
Aww, thanks! I hope the delicious Sweet Moments brownies will help ease the pain, :) Just kidding, you'll do great and continue scoring awesome deals!

9 Month Supply of Nature Valley Prenatal Vitamins
#9 - Nicole
"#3. I like the "Whats free this week" section! Enjoy CA and being closer to family!!"
Thanks Nicole!

That was so much fun! 
Let's do three more give aways!

Here's how to enter:
Leave a comment letting me know your most epic deal you've ever scored. Now that I live in California (the land of ridiculous grocery prices & lame valued coupons), I have to live vicariously through you all.

So, to recap, in your comment, let me know...
1. Which give away you are entering
2. Your most epic deal - it can be for any product (diapers, groceries, etc.)
3. Your email address

The Rules...
1. One comment/entry per give away per person, so three comments total per person.
2. Give aways are open to US and Canadian residents ONLY.
3. Give aways will close on Saturday, November 6th, 2010 at 12pm AZ time.
4. The winners will be selected via and the winners will be contacted by email. The winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Give Away #1
Fiber One Prize Pack - $25 Safeway Gift Card + 2 Free Coupons!
The winner of give away #1 will receive a Fiber One Prize Pack which includes two VIP coupons - good for one free box of Fiber One cereal and one free box of Fiber One bars, in addition to a $25 Safeway gift card (also valid at Dominick’s, Tom Thumb, Randalls, Vons, and Genuardi’s) that you can use to purchase your favorite Fiber One cereals and bars.

Disclosure: I was given a Fiber One prize pack including a $25 Safeway gift card to facilitate the review of this product. Thanks to Fiber One through MyBlogSpark for providing the coupons/gift card for the review and sponsoring the giveaway for one Arizona Savings reader.  All opinions expressed are my own and no other compensation was received.

Give Away #2
Yoplait Frozen Smoothie Prize Pack
The winner of give away #2 will receive a Yoplait Frozen Smoothie Prize Pack which includes 
two VIP coupons to try Yoplait Frozen Smoothies and a 3-speed KitchenAid® blender with a special smoothie setting.

Even if you aren't the lucky reader who wins this give away, you can still snag an awesome high value coupon for Yoplait's Frozen Smoothie products. Click below for a $1.25/1 Yoplait Frozen Smoothie coupon!

Disclosure: I was given a Yoplait Frozen Smoothie Prize Pack to facilitate the review of this product. Thanks to Yoplait through MyBlogSpark for providing the coupons and to KitchenAid for providing the blender for the review and sponsoring the giveaway for one Arizona Savings reader.  All opinions expressed are my own and no other compensation was received.

Give Away #3
Wendy's $7 Gift Card

A few weeks ago, I was  I was recruited to participate in a Phoenix blogger event to try the new Wendy’s Pick 2 Menu. Wendy's treated us to our choice of the new Pick 2 Menu. There are four salads, baked potatoes, chili, bacon jr. cheeseburger, chicken wrap and a variety of drinks. 

I chose the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad & a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. It was tasty and plenty of food.  I would totally pay $4.99 for it. The other thing that is amazing about the Pick 2 Menu is that it is not only reasonably priced, it also contains healthy choices!

The winner of give away #3 will receive a $7 Wendy’s gift card to get their own Pick 2 meal (or whatever you want off the menu.)

Disclosure: I was treated to lunch courtesy of Wendy’s in celebration of their new Pick 2 Menu.  I was paid for my participation which includes this post. 
I was also provided with an additional gift card to give away to an Arizona Savings reader. T
hank you Wendy’s & The MotherHood!


  1. Would super love #2
    a smoothie sounds great and I should get back to making those more
    Super deal well it is hard to think I have bought an entire grocery cart before and been paid 1.74 to leave the store!!!!!!!! that was for all kids of items - the way these work out (which is not as often anymore) is that eveery coupon you have is a lille more than the item and roll over to your produce or milk ect... then the store $$$ off help too!
    thanks love teh blog

  2. Entry for Contest #2 - Yoplait Frozen Smoothie Prize Pack...My most memorable epic deal was rolling register rewards for Sally Hanson nail polish. My sister and I were able to snag over 50 bottles for pennies. Debbi -

  3. For contest #1. My most epic deal was getting a big box of diapers at CVS for only $1. Diapers are pricey!

  4. For contest $2. One of my most epic deals was paying only 74 cents for over $80 worth of groceries at Safeway.

  5. giveaway #1 - The best deal ever was the amazon diapers. I still can't believe how many diapers I got for nothing!

  6. giveaway #2 - The amazon diaper deal. Wahoo!

  7. giveaway #3 - The greatest deal was the amazon diapers for nothing. I am still have an enormous box that I have not gotten to yet from August.

  8. giveaway #1 - my epic deal was being paid $1.47 to take over $40 worth of groceries out of the store! and I've only been couponing 3 months!

  9. giveaway #1 The best deal i ever did was get 103 dollars of groceries for 10 dollars:)

  10. Giveaway #1...Well since I started following all these great AZ blogs I would have to say that getting $120 worth of groceries for under a dollar was my best deal!

  11. Giveaway #2...Also the amazon diaper deal was pretty great!

  12. giveaway #1
    One of my fave deals was Huggies Swimmers 90% off @ CVS, so free with my manufacturer's coupons. Kept me stocked up, gave some away with baby shower gifts and sold some on craigslist for some Disneyland cash!!

    You have my email!! :-)

  13. Giveaway #2
    Another fave deal... maybe just cvs from several years ago with lots of FREEBIES and limits of like 5 per person, which equaled lots of extra CVS money to spend on necessities!!

  14. Giveaway #3
    My 3rd epic deal... Paying under $5 for 3 packs of Walgreens Diapers (with sale and coupons) and then earning a $5 RR... Making money on diapers is incredible!!!!

  15. Giveaway#3
    One of my favorite deals was getting 2 olay body soap + 4 deodorant for just pennies.

  16. Giveaway #1....I have had lots of luck at scoring free groceries since I've started couponing (and following blogs), but I think my most epic deal was getting 2 Snuggies for $1 the other day at Staples. I love great deals!!

  17. Ooh, I am all over The Fiber one giveaway (#1), awesome! maceycoupon(at)yahoo

  18. Wow? Yoplait smoothie AND a blender...sweet! (#2) maceycoupon(at)yahoo

  19. Wendy's salads...can't go wrong. (#3) maceycoupon(at)yahoo

  20. Would love to win giveaway #1
    This past week at frys I walked out of the store paying nothing! Granted I only got like 5 loofas but hey! I hate paying for those things. so I thought it was super cool that I could get a bunch for free :)

  21. Giveaway #2 There was one time that I walked out of Frys with them paying me just over $1 That was fun!

    beckymturley (at) hotmail (dot)com

  22. giveaway #3

    A few months ago I walked out of Frys with $112 worth of groceries and payed like $6! That I think was my most amazing trip ever! So sad that your leaving :(


  23. Giveaway#2 I was so proud of my deal today one of my best yet! over a hundred dollars of groceries for five dollars.

  24. Giveaway #1
    Free diapers through Amazon using your guide

  25. Giveaway #2
    I bought a baby onesie at Old Navy for $0.75 after they're 50% off clearance sale

  26. Giveaway #3
    Free wipes through (Amazon Mom membership) using giftcards through Swagbucks (thanks to your tips!)

  27. For giveaway #1: Paying 3 cents for a TON of Pillsbury biscuits

  28. Giveaway #2: Paying 88 cents for 16 boxes of cereal YUM!!

  29. Giveaway #1
    Almost embarrassing...but I was really proud we didn't pay for toilet paper for a year! There was a sale at Fry's, Cottonelle 4 pks for $1 and I went every day with tons of coupons. This was probably a year and a half ago.
    angelger28 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  30. Giveaway #2
    My son is gluten/casien free so when I walk out of a grocery store feeling like I need to do a fist pump and yelp with joy- so fantastic! Thank you for all your help! I hope all is going well in Cali.

  31. Giveaway #3
    There's been some fantastic online deals: diapers, Bobs Red Mill products, drugstore products, coffee, etc...I think my favorite was getting full sized Burt's Bees products for pennies, that's including shipping!
    angelger28 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    PS. I think I forgot to leave my email address on my Giveaway #2 post! Sorry 'bout that!

  32. Giveaway #2
    i came home one night and DH was shocked at home many bags I had. I had paid pennies for about 50+ items. I shoved my pile of freebies together and sent a picture to all my couponing buddies :)


  33. Giveaway #1 (my husband is a FiberOne nut!)

    Although most of my stores will not pay you the pennies you go over, I love it when they ring everything up, then take my coupons and tell me that my total is ZERO!!! It's the best feeling ever :)


  34. Give Away Number 1
    90% of stuffed animals at CVS that I used for the church spring picnic game prizes

  35. Give Away # 2
    I love it when I get items I need with coupons and have an overage, They are little deals, but my item is free and they pay me to drive it home...Love it! Happened this week at the commisary with the $5.00 olay/secret coupon, they paid me .70 to get both!

  36. Give away # 3, I have saved a safeway reciept that has 98% savings, if I hadn't bought a diet coke at check out there would have been overage, I had high value coupons on items safeway was doing BOGO Frozen seafood was one

  37. Giveaway #1 I did a deal at Frys yesterday and got 47 items for $1.03!!!! It included at 19 lb. of dog food!!!!ckstone5(at)

  38. Giveaway #2 I have gotten paid to shop at frys twice. I would have gotten some more stuff if I would have known!!!

  39. Giveaway#3 I like to go to petsmart. I can always get lots of dog food on the cheep with coupons.ckstone5(at) think I forgot my email on giveaway #2)

    PS I am missing your blog so very much!!! Good luck to you!!!

  40. Giveaway #1
    I'm pretty much loving this month at Fry's, so it's hard to pick one specific deal or trip. I really miss your blogging sweetie. I'm sure you would be blowing these deals outta the water :(

  41. #2
    I love these smoothies! And it wouldn't be so bad to win a free blender too ;)

    I did get lucky on the home delivery deal (a little while back) and got $174 in meat for $73. I really needed to stock up on meat, so this was a heaven sent.

  42. #3
    I loved the Benefuls prepared meals deal at frys a while ago (with all the overage). Free dog food is great, because dog food costs us a fortune, but free + MM was way too awesome. I could use more of those deals. I wish I had more coupons.

    Miss you girl!

  43. I would like Giveaway number 3...hardly ever eat out.

  44. fiber one!!! :) best deals ever i did at $150ish worth of products and paid NINE BUCKS!!!!! i love that store. ;)


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