Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mail Call Monday - Vacation Edition

I was out of town for a long weekend and came back to a stuffed mailbox. I love tons of freebies waiting for me when I get home!

FREE MAGAZINES- Surfer, Islands, 4 Wheel, Marie Claire, OK, Chevy High Performance
COUPONS- Bashas' home mailer! I love these! I think I'll take these to Fry's and use them there for maximum savings.
FREEBIES- Mickey & Pluto DVD from Disney Movie Rewards that I ordered last week.


This is a problem because I just got back in town last night and am headed back out of town tomorrow, so I don't have time to go hunt down the ads. So, I won't have the full match-ups this week, but I will compile a list of free or close to free things based off the online ads. Actually, I am focusing on the job hunt out in California, so click here to head over to Sheryl's blog for her awesome match-ups.

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