Friday, October 1, 2010

$27 Cat Food???

Remember the freebie coupon for dog & cat food we all signed up for a few weeks back? Well, I received mine in the mail this week. This was perfect timing because I was just about out of cat food. The coupon had to be redeemed at a specialty feed supply store, so I headed over to grab my free bag of cat food.

As it turns out, free is not always free.

Does this bag of cat food look like $27 to you? I would NEVER spend that much on food for my cat. Well, I grabbed the super expensive bag and headed up to the register. Turns out, I still had to pay tax on the cat food - $2.28! That is a ton of money to me! I paid it, but was irritated because it wasn't really free.

And the worst part... my snotty cat turned her nose up at it. She doesn't like it at all, but she is learning to like it because it was free and I'm not paying for more cat food!

Did you guys get your free coupon in the mail for pet food?

1 comment:

  1. Your cat's PO'd because she thinks that you think she's fat, getting her weight management cat food.


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