Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some great deals!

I heard a rumor that the photobooks limit was 5, not 1 as advertised. So I tried it out - it worked! This trip made me .99!4.99 Mini Airwicks .99 each
7.99 Gillette Fusion FREE
7.99 Photobook (5) FREE
After coupons and extra bucks earned, I made .99!

Everything in this picture plus 2 more cases of water (not pictured) cost me $9.79! I had a fun time with Fry's Mix N Match event -
.89 Sunny D (4) FREE
.99 Kraft dressing (10) FREE
1.00 Softsoap (2) FREE
1.49 Chex Mix (2) .49 each
2.99 Purina pet food (4) FREE
1.49 Dixie plates .49
1.49 Yoplait yogurt (2) .49 each
1.49 Keebler cookies (6) .49 each
.49 Sobe Lifewater (4) FREE
1.49 Daisy sour cream .49
.49 Smart Water (4) FREE
After coupons and Mix & Match discounts, I paid $4.84 OOP!
Then I hit up the Nestle bottled water deal at Safeway, buy 5 cases, after coupons and dicounts, pay $9.95 OOP, get back $5 catalina plus earn 2 more free cases! I have never seen a bottled water deal like this. So, I went a little crazy...
All in all, I got 35 cases of water for $14.75! That is .42 per case!!! WOW! This was a rock bottom price for me to stock up our water supply. Now, where to store it... hmmm... :) Any ideas?

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