Saturday, July 11, 2009

Price Matching

Blogger is being difficult today & won't let me paste text. Sorry the quality is so bad, but I am not retyping all of this!
Total cost 37.67
I ran back to Wally's today to grab some freebies I didn't know about while I was there last yesterday.

Total cost- FREE!
1.00 Hefty bags (4) FREE
1.00 Nestle water (2) FREE
6.00 subtotal
After coupons, total was $0! Yay!


  1. Are the Hefty bags and nestle water normally priced at $1? Or was it a sale or price matching thingy?


  2. Thanks for the comment! They were in the Seasonal / $1 aisle. I didn't price match them, but I think it's a temporary price cut. They had rollback tags on them, so I'm not sure how long they'll be priced at $1.


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