Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alby's & Target - Cost $2.01!

I had one more $4.50 milk catalina to use at Alby's, so I went on Tuesday night before the $1.39/gallon milk sale ended. 1.39 milk (2)
3.29 tortillas
2.00 cheese
0 tax (thank you City of Mesa!) :)
8.07 subtotal
-4.50 catalina
-3.00 Kmart catalina
Paid .57 OOP
I've been trying to get rid of 3 $3 Kmart catalinas for a few weeks at Alby's now. Each cashier is different. Some of them say Kmart is not a competitor, but others take the catalinas without a fight. I'm just glad I was able to use all of them and not have them go to waste. Lesson learned: If you have a grumpy cashier, try a different check out lane.

I was all ready for a fight when I walked into Target yesterday. They are notorious for being inconsistent and stingy about their coupon policy. Imagine my delight when my friendly cashier scanned each of my 19 Target & manufacturer coupons AND congratulated me on my $19 savings! I wish they could all be so helpful. Final cost for my Target trip was $1.44!A lot of my P&G coupons are expiring this week so I decided to get a bunch of travel size items for free instead of letting the coupons go to waste. A lot of this stuff is great for our 72 hour kits too!

.99 Bounty basic (3)
.97 Shout wipes (2)
.99 Banana boat (2)
1.02 ALL (2)
.97 Tide (2)
.99 Olay Quench (2)
1.00 Charmin (3)
1.02 J&J first aid kit (3)
1.53 tax
18.91 subtotal
-.25/1 Bounty MQ (3)
-$1/1 Shout MQ (2)
-1/1 Banana Boat MQ (2)
-1/1 ALL MQ (2)
-1/1 Tide MQ (2)
-1/1 Olay MQ (2)
-.25/1 Charmin (3)
-1/1 J&J product (3)
-1.50 off 1 Charmin & 1 Bounty product (3)
1.44 paid OOP!

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