Sunday, July 26, 2009

Albie's & Wags trips - cost $1.60

I used another one of my 4.50 Albertson's milk catalinas today. I picked up 2 gallons of milk & some ricotta cheese.
1.39 milk (2)
2.77 ricotta cheese
5.55 subtotal
-4.50 catalina
1.05 paid OOP

Then, I headed over to Wags to take advantage of the super cheap tape! My tape wasn't marked for the lower price - I had to have a cashier price check it. The tape was priced at 1.29 on the shelf, but it rang up at .39. The wider, green packaged kind rang up at 1.79, so apparantly, this is the only type at 39 cents. I used 2 $1/3 Qs and paid .55 OOP for 6 rolls of tape! I bet this deal will roll over to next week since it is unadvertised in the weekly ads and the shelf pricing. Go stock up on super cheap tape! But price check it, just to be sure.

I tried to get some free Johnson and Johnson first aid kits at CVS, but they were already sold out. Oh well, maybe they'll have some more next week.


  1. Hi. These just scan $4.50 for you? No go for me at my normal Albies, but I figured they would be sticklers. He didn't even scan the coupon, just did a manual coupon for the milk price. Which I guess is fine, since really it says one free gallon of milk, however, there is no place for them to write in a value, so I am sure Albies will get reimbursed the full $4.50! I will try again tomorrow at another store, that has self checkout, so I can scan the coupon myself!

  2. Hi KC! I just checked out your blog and all your great deals from your weekend trips. Good job! Yeah, I haven't had any trouble getting the full $4.50 out of the catalinas. I've gone through self check out and a cashier. Albie's is notorious for being difficult with coupons so I expected a fight, but no problems so far. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)


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