Thursday, April 16, 2009

Walmart & Walgreens - More Freebies!

$1.00 Vitamin Water (2)
.86 Gerber Baby Food (4)
1.00 Kotex Lightdays (3)
.97 Meow Mix cat treats (2)
1.28 Mentos Gum (4)
1.97 Bic Disposable Razors
2.76 Tortillas
2.31 tax
22.54 subtotal
-$1/1 Vitamin water Q Sunday paper (2)
-$3 Gerber internet printable Q
-.75 Kotex Q Sunday paper
-$1 Kotex Q Sunday paper (2)
-$1 Meow Mix Q Sunday paper (2)
-$1 Mentos Gum Q Sunday paper (4)
-$1 Bic Razors Q Sunday paper
6.99 paid out of pocket
I would like to note that I HAD to buy LaLa's tortillas because that's the kind we like and we were out of them. So, without the tortillas and tax, I would have only spent 1.92 for 16 items.

Transaction #1-
.82 Edge shave gel - clearance
.05 tax
.87 total - paid with Walgreens rebate giftcard
Some notes-
1. The shave gel was marked at 2.49, but rang up at 82 cents!
2. I thought I was going to get a $3RR (to pay for my next transaction) for buying Edge shave gel, but it didn't print. I called the Catalina company and left a message, so we'll see what happens. Either way, 87 cents is pretty good for shave gel.
Cost $.87, possible profit of 2.13 if Catalina company sends me RR

Transaction #2-
1.39 Axe 4 pack travel body spray - clearance
1.39 Axe body spray - clearance
.18 tax
2.96 total
2.13 paid with Walgreens rebate giftcard
.83 paid out of pocket
Received $3RR for Axe deal
Profit $.04
These Axe products were marked on the shelf for $2.79, but rang up at $1.39 - how great is that!

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  1. I am curious to see what comes of contacting the Catalina company :) You are a hardcore coupon queen and my coupon idol!


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