Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Candles!

Walgreens (everything was 15% off for Earth Day!)
5.09 Glade soy candles (2)
.79 Earth Day canvas shopping bag (not pictured)
.42 M&Ms (2)
.76 M&Ms
.59 Hershey's
.85 tax
13.22 subtotal
-$4 Glade internet printable Q (2)
-$2 Easy Saver Wags Q (2)
-.79 Free Earth Day bag!
1.22 - Paid with .34 on Wags gc, .88 cash out of pocket


4.00 Dove Skin Vitalizer (3) - sale

.33 CVS Tissue Pocket pack (2)

1.25 Reese's - on clearance
1.00 CVS cookies

1.00 Infant feeder - on clearance (I've been thining about grabbing one of these for Maddie & I was so happy to find it on clearance!)

.25 Easter chocolate bunnies - clearance

.68 tax

16.84 subtotal

-$3.50 Dove (2 internet printables, 1 sunday paper Q)

-$1/2 CVS brand tissues CRT Q

5.34 total

Paid with 4.99 EB -cashier adjusted it down to 4.66 (total before tax), paid .68 tax out of pocket

I'm still getting the hang of CVS, so there is a lot of filler in that transaction.


  1. Well I am glad to see you were able to snag the smokin' candles deal yesterday! I was so MAD. Stupid Walgreens lady! I will still get them for free, but I could have made a ton of money on them :( They need to install self-checkouts. Then I could just go in and do all this myself!

  2. I just loved getting all of those Dove for $ .25 each. They will make great additions to my gift baskets. It is nice to see another AZ blog!


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