Friday, April 10, 2009

Success! Cost of $4.91

My first trip to CVS was a success today! They had the same Huggies deal that Walgreens did a month ago. I also went to Frys for some freebies. Here is the breakdown...
10.00 Huggies Diapers (on sale) (2)
3.00 J&J Baby Wash (on sale) (2)
2.07 tax
28.07 subtotal
-5.00 Huggies internet Q (2)
-1.00 J&J peelie Q (2)
16.07 TOTAL paid out of pocket
Received $10 Extra Care Bucks
Cost of $6.07
.99 Quaker Mini Rice Cakes (on sale) (2)
1.79 Lofthouse lemon cookies (clearance)
.10 tax
3.87 subtotal
-$1 Quaker sunday paper Q (2)
-$1 Fry's catalina (2) from Mustard deal earlier this week (2)
*The Quaker cakes rang up at 1.99 each, but I didn't realize it until I had already paid. I went back to customer service and found out they forgot to take the sale tag down from last week's sale. So, they gave me one free at 1.99 and one half off at .99. I didn't ask them for this deal, they just gave it to me. All in all, I paid $1.87, but got a refund of $3.03!
Profit of $1.16

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