Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kmart Super Double Coupon Event is back!

We were in desperate need of diapers in our house, so my out of pocket was more than usual. But each pack of diapers averaged out to about $4.50 per pack - not bad.

1.89 Renuzit spray (2) FREE
4.79 Aveeno baby wash (2) .79 each
1.09 Huggies wipes FREE
9.99 Huggies diapers (2) 4.50
2.29 Wet Ones (2) .29 each
2.00 Cinnamon Toast Crunch .50
9.99 Pampers 4.50
2.71 tax
53.71 subtotal
18.21 paid oop after coupons, received $3 OYNO

3.99 Advil (6) FREE

2.50 Band Aids (2) .50 each

9.99 Huggies diapers 4.50

3.00 Chips Ahoy (2) 1.00 each

3.00 Capri Sun (2) 1.00 each

1.74 tax

52.65 subtotal

9.70 paid oop after coupons

$106.36 worth of groceries for $27.91 = 74% savings


  1. check your cinnamon tost crunch for that money card :) I stocked-up b/c that is James' favorite. Out of 11 boxes I managed to get three $5 Discover cards!!! so got paid $15 to buy my cereal :)

  2. I already did :) - but I didn't have a card in there. maybe I need to go buy some more to improve my odds!

  3. Nice haul! Where'd you get the cinnamon toast crunch coupon? My kids love those!

  4. Katmotley- Hi! Thanks for the comment! I had a .75/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch coupon from a General Mills mailer I saved a long time ago. So, it made the cereal .50. Too bad I didn't have more of those coupons; I could have really stocked up! I love your blog & all your comments on PYP. Keep up the great savings!

  5. Thanks! I have been getting the cheerios at Safeway for $.50, but need some more sugared cereal deals. Guess it'll just be Kellogg's this week at Albertson's. :)


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