Friday, May 1, 2009

Walgreens - Profit of $33.40!!!

This was the first trip to make sure I could roll the RR from the Nivea deal to the Got2B deal - it worked! PROFIT OF $10.43! Transaction #1:
14.99 Bayer Glucose Monitor
1.19 tax
16.18 subtotal
-14.99 Bayer sunday paper Q
1.19 paid out of pocket
Received $5 Bayer RR
PROFIT OF $3.81!

Transaction #2:
5.00 Got2B hair glue
5.00 Got2B hairspray
.10 ponytail holders - clearance
.80 tax
10.90 subtotal
-2.00 Got2B IP Q (2)
6.90 paid with $5 Bayer RR, 1.90 oop
Received $5 Got2B RR
PROFIT OF $3.10!

Transaction #3:
4.99 Nivea bodywash
.99 Herbal Essences travel size conditioner - filler this should have rang up at .25 on clearance, but I wasn't paying attention to the cashier :(
1.00 Sour Punch - filler
.50 tax
7.48 subtotal
-1.00 Nivea IP Q
6.48 paid with $5 Got2B RR, 1.48 oop
Received $5 Nivea RR
PROFIT OF $3.52!

And trip #2... profit of $22.97!!!
Transaction #1
5.00 Got2B hair glue (2)
2.00 Ecotrin aspirin
.20 headbands- clearance
.77 tax
12.97 subtotal
-2.00 Got2B IP Q (2)
-2.25 Ecotrin IP Q
6.72 paid with $5 Nivea RR, 1.72 oop
Received $5 Got2B RR & $2 Ecotrin RR
PROFIT OF $5.28!

At this point, I bought a $10 Wags gc soI don't have to charge $1 10 different times on my bank card. I have a Wags rebate giftcard floating around somewhere with $13 on it and I am so mad that I can't find it!

Transaction #2
4.99 Nivea bodywash
.25 Chapstick - clearance
.82 Walgreens Ibuprofen - clearance
.38 tax
6.44 subtotal
-1.00 Nivea IP Q
5.44 paid with $5 Got2B RR, .44 on Wags gc
Received $5 Nivea RR
PROFIT OF $4.56!

I rolled these deals back and forth until the store was out of Nivea. I still have some coupons left over, so I might try another Walgreens. :)


  1. I have added your blog to the right side bar on my blog. I hope you don't mind! We AZ people need to help each other out.

  2. I don't mind at all! I love the local bloggers - I check your out ALL the time! Thanks for all your help with saving my family money. :)

  3. Hey, Kmarts doing SUPER DOUBLES again!! There was a misprint in the sunday paper and it should have said that they are doubling up to $2 coupons again. There was hardly any couponers there today when I went. I don't think a lot of people knew about the misprint situation. Just thought I'd make sure you knew! Happy Shopping!!! ~ Janae


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