Sunday, May 31, 2009

Double Coupons at Bashas!

I was a little skeptical going to Bashas last night, because all the other savings blogs have not had much luck with picked over stores. I went to the Bashas on Signal Butte and Apache Trail because it's smaller and less busy. It was a good decision - I scored some great deals. They were out of the Tree Top apple juice & Playtex gloves and some other stuff, but all in all, I did ok. I had to get some essential stuff (water, cooking oil, cooking spray, etc.) so my totals weren't as low as I wanted, but I am happy with my deals. I had $5/30 Qs for each of my 3 transactions. Here are the breakdowns...
1.49 Bashas crusty bread FREE
1.00 Dole pineapple (2) FREE
2.69 Cooking spray 2.69
3.79 Vegetable oil 3.79 Man! That's expensive!
.20 Kool Aid packet (10) .10/each
1.00 Kraft Easy Mac (6) FREE
2.25 Kraft Deluxe Mac n Cheese (3) .25/each
1.69 Ronzoni Smart pasta (3) FREE
1.29 Trident FREE
No tax
31.08 subtotal
Total after coupons = 3.23 OOP
Received $1 OYNO from Kraft
1.99 Aunt Jemima syrup (2) .99/each
1.00 Gerber baby food (5) $1/each - needed this
2.50 Frosted Flakes (3) .50/each
2.50 Triscuits (3) .50/each
2.50 Wheat Thins (3) .50/each
2.00 Orrowheat Mini Loaf FREE
1.99 Quaker Oatmeal Pancake Mix (2) FREE
2.29 Smuckers topping .29
No tax
37.76 subtotal
Total after coupons = 5.25 OOP
This total wasn't as close to $30, so the OOP was more. The cashier was getting irritated and accusing me of photocopying coupons (even after I smudged one to show her it was printed), so I just dropped it. You have to pick your battles with crazy cashiers.
1.57 Bashas milk (4)
3.88 water
1.49 eggs
2.50 Capri Sun .50
4.49 Cascade rinse agent FREE
1.00 Chef Boyardee Ravioli (4) .75/each Should have been .50/each
1.00 Hunts snack packs (3) .67/each Should have been .33/each
3.99 Jose Ole taquitos 1.99
2.50 Frosted Flakes .50/each
2.50 Triscuits .50/each
2.50 Wheat Thins .50/each
2.00 Peter Pan PB 1.00 Should have been free
2.50 Reddi Whip 1.50 Should have been .50
1.00 Rosarita refried beans (4)
1.88 Right Guard deodorant FREE
.51 tax
48.02 subtotal
The items in red I purchased for the $5 OYNO summertime savings promotion. I had Hunts home mailer Qs for almost all of it. Towards the end of this transation, the cashier decided to stop doubling Qs that said DND. She let all the rest of them go through on the previous transactions, but I think she reached her limit and wanted to stick it to me. That's fine. I should have put some of this stuff back to be closer to $30 and just came back later, but I had to get home to put Maddie to bed.
Total after coupons = 18.82 OOP, if cashier wasn't angry at the world, my OOP would have been $14.82.
Received $5 OYNO from Hunts/ConAgra
SUMMARY: Between sales prices and coupons, I bought $247.47 worth of groceries for $22.30 = 91% savings!

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  1. Holy Cow! You did great! What local blogs are you watching for these deals? Most of the blogs I follow aren't local and I don't think that all Basha's were doing super doubles, so they didn't report these deals. Can you email me some of the local blog links?


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