Thursday, October 27, 2011

RIP Chi Hair Straightener

Today is a very sad day. I plugged in my Chi hair straightener this morning, just as I have each morning for the past two years. As it warmed up, it started to smell really bad - like it was about to catch on fire. Then I heard a click and the red light turned off .... and it hasn't turned back on. There was only a one year manufacturer's warranty, so in the trash can it went.

My unruly hair is not allowed out of the house unstyled so I need a replacement ASAP! I jumped on Amazon this morning and found this amazing deal!

Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron
$53.45 with free shipping!

I already bought mine - this is seriously a SMOKING deal! These are normally $190!

Hurry and get yours before it sells out!


  1. Great deal! I am still using mine after about 3 years now. I LOVE my chi. I am tempted to by one just to have as a back-up. THe cheapest I've seen them in the past was at Costco once for about $65.

  2. Farouk has a flat $35 repair fee for Chi's that need service after the one year. All you have to do is call them.


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