Saturday, July 30, 2011

Get in your cars & drive to Kmart!

I feel bad posting this on the last day of the sale, but hopefully this helps a last minute shopper!

Are you guys living at Kmart this week? Holy heck. They are doubling manufacturer's coupons .99 and less! So, that means, if you have a .99 coupon, it doubles to 1.98 off! As if that weren't exciting enough, there is also a major toy clearance going on too! This is great news for you and your stockpile closet!
As usual, Sheryl has done a great job of posting match-ups. Isn't she great? She's always so thorough! Click here to see her list.

Here's what I've been scoring deals on this week...

There is a catalina deal on Cottonelle, plus a Cars 2 $10 Visa card promo which makes this an amazing deal!
Here's the catalina info...
Buy 2, get $3.50 OYNO
Buy 3, get 4.50 OYNO
Each 12 pack is priced at 4.99 - which is already a great price for double roll Cottonelle.

I wanted to minimize my out of pocket, so I only bought two at a time. You do what works for you :)

Here's what I did...

Buy 2 packs of Cottonelle (12 double rolls) at $4.99 each - Look for the Cars 2 emblem!
Use (2) .75/1 Cottonelle Bath Tissue 7/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 8/28/2011)
Pay 6.98 out of pocket
Get back a $3.50 Catalina coupon
Makes each pack 1.74 each

Buy another 2 packs, using the exact same scenario above. But this time, use the 3.50 OYNO to bring your out of pocket down to 3.48.... and get ANOTHER 3.50 OYNO! This makes your net cost - 2 cents! Keep on rolling until you run out of coupons. Then, enter 5 codes on Kimberly Clark's website for a $10 Visa gift card! Wahoo! I love toilet paper deals.

There is also an awesome triple dipping Kellogg's cereal deal...

Most of the Kellogg's line is priced at 4 for $10. I had .70/1 Kellogg's peelies I found at Albie's a few weeks ago. There are tons of Kellogg's coupons out there to make this deal great! Along with this being a great price, there is an unadvertised promo when you buy $20 in Kellogg's products, you get $5 instantly taken off your total! I was leery because I saw zero signage for it plus none of the cereal was marked on sale. But, it worked! I bought 8 boxes of cereal per transaction. Here's what I did...

Buy 8 boxes of 2.50 Kellogg's cereal (look for Cars 2 Concession Cash promo) = 20.00
Register automatically takes off 5.00 = 15.00
Used 8 .70/1 peelie MQs doubled to 1.40 each = 3.80 for 8 boxes or .48 each!
I used a 3.50 Cottonelle catalina and paid 30 cents out of pocket.

Already an amazing deal right? It gets better!

Enter 4 of the Kellogg's Cars 2 Passport to Adventure codes here & get 2 $5 Visa cards!
Now you've made 6.20 buying 8 boxes of cereal!

It gets even better because you can submit 10 Rice Krispies UPC codes for a $10 Visa card! I didn't want 20 boxes of Rice Krispies because my family needs variety. But if you're purely interested in making the most profitable purchase, buy 24 boxes of Cars 2 Rice Krispies for 11.40 out of pocket, submit for (6) $5 Visa cards from Kellogg's & (2) $10 Mastercard gift cards from AARP here.... giving you a grand profit of 43.60!

Check out the shave gel match-ups on Sheryl's blog...

While you're at Kmart, check out the toy clearance. Prices are WAY lower than marked. I found a Leapfrog Tag Jr. reader marked 25.00 down from 29.99 and it rang up 1.99!!

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