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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Shopping!

I headed out this morning to do some Saturday shopping at Fry's (more Powerade!), WalMart (summer fun stuff!), & the Superstition Ranch Market (amazingly cheap fresh produce).
I filled up my car at the Fry's gas station using my 10 cent fuel rewards I have accumulated and paid 2.49/gallon - wowza! Then I headed inside for 2 more cases of Powerade. I used 15 .75/2 tearpad MQs for a total cost of 90 cents plus .03 tax. Paid .93 on a Fry's gift card.

I went to Wally World because we needed some summer essentials ... bubbles and a water toy! What is Memorial Day weekend without backyard fun? Well, I forgot the bubbles :( but I did find an awesome flower sprinkler that attaches to the hose and whips water all over the place on clearance for $3.00! I also picked up a pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts for 3.10 (price matched to Safeway) and 1.00 hamburger buns and hot dog buns. While I was there, I stopped by the RedBox and grabbed a free rental of "Dear John" to watch later tonight. My total was 8.10 paid on a WalMart gift card.

I have professed my love for the farmer's market before on this blog, but look at all that colorful, fresh produce! How can you not want one of everything? And I only spent 10.88 total!

1.42 red seedless grapes (.69/lb.)
1.19 5 pound bag of potatoes
.50 strawberries (1 lb.)
.99 blueberries
.99 yellow peach (.89/lb.)
.34 kiwi
.34 mango
.59 tomatoes (.69/lb.)
.34 iceberg lettuce
.31 nectarine (1.29/lb.)
.34 orange bell pepper
.25 yellow & red bell peppers
1.26 bananas (.59/lb.)
.57 green beans (1.49/lb.)
.17 cucumber
.10 white corn (3 ears @ .10 each)
.34 blackberries (2)
.92 seedless watermelon (.12/lb.)
TOTAL = 10.88

TOTAL OOP = 10.88

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thrifty Tidbits - 5/5/10 edition

I did lots of random money saving things and I think I'll call this post Thrifty Tidbits.
  1. MAIL - I received a free issue of Marie Claire magazine. It's fun to read AND it has great coupons inside! I also received an envelope of coupon inserts from my sweet grandma in California. She is so wonderful, she even signed up for a second newspaper subscription so she had enough inserts to send to my sister in Utah! She's so great - thanks Grandma!
  2. I stopped by the mall to pick up my free cami from Lane Bryant. They have the camis in black and white and they are behind the counter. I picked up a black one, paid no tax, and walked out with my free cami! Gotta love a true freebie! Print your coupon here - the coupon expires 5/10.
  3. Have you heard about this massive McNeil recall of Tylenol, Motrin, & Benadryl products? Scary! I checked the recall list with my stockpiled medicine and it was all included in the refill. Thank goodness I hadn't used any yet. I will submit my information to McNeil. They are offering your choice of a cash refund or a free coupon. I haven't decided which one I want yet.
  4. I also filled up my car using the fuel rewards program at Fry's. Just by couponing at Fry's, I saved 10 cents per gallon bringing down the price of my fuel to 2.75 - pretty awesome! It's easy to enroll - all you need to do is enter your Fry's shopper card number to the fuel program. Click here to get started!
  5. My husband and my sweet baby girl came and took me to lunch today - what a treat! This doesn't sound like a frugal activity, but we went to Quizno's where kids eat free under this new promotion. This special cut our bill in half! Usually, my husband gets a small sub meal and then my daughter and I share a kid's meal. With the kid's meal being free, our family was able to eat for about $6!
I've been clipping all my coupons and getting my lists ready so I can hit the stores tomorrow. I'll post a full report! Thanks to all of you readers who have commented after testing out the sales I posted. You guys are awesome!
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